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Turning Your Bad Day Around: Combat the Negativity

We’ve all had one those days: you overslept, you stubbed your pinky toe, it’s raining cats and dogs, you couldn’t find a parking spot, which made you late to an important meeting, you forgot your lunch at home and had to settle for an apple and an expired granola bar, then had a million things to do at work/school. Some days, it just feels as though we can’t win. One negative thing leads to another negative thing which leads to another. And then, eventually, our day is ruined. However, there is a way to combat that cycle of negativity. Just one positive thought or action can out-shadow (or at least weaken) all other negative thoughts and emotions. Next time your day is filling with negativity and is heading down the drain, try these tips to turn it back around.

1. 7:00 a.m. Positive Affirmations

Right after you wake up, before you get dressed and and before drinking coffee (yes, such a daunting task), recite your affirmations. This is going to set the tone for your entire day. They can be goals for the day, a silent prayer, or just something that you want to remember. Mine is “I am strong, I am healthy, I am happy. All is well.” It seems silly, but it works.

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2. Count Your Blessings

Combat your bad attitude with gratitude. Feel stressed? And annoyed? Take some time  to write down everything that your are grateful for. So you flunked an exam, but at least you are getting an education, have a great family, and have friends who love you. Instead of dwelling on what you don’t have, appreciate what you do have. Bonus tip – write down everything (yes I mean everything) that you are grateful for and hang it somewhere you will see everyday. Read it. Remember it. Live it.

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3. Get Some Fresh Air

Some sunshine and vitamin D can do wonders for a bad mood. Take a short walk, sit outside, or open a window. Let all of that negativity go away with the wind. I just went for a walk in the middle of writing this post – no joke.

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4. Laugh it Off

Whenever I am in a sour mood and need some cheering up, I look to my good friends YouTube, BuzzFeed, and Twitter. Laugh at some memes, share it with your friends.

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5. Make Someone Else Smile

Do good, feel good – ya know? One of my favorite things to do is make someone else’s day better. Just because your day stinks doesn’t mean their day has to, right? Pay someone a compliment (in a totally-not-creepy sort of way), help someone with a task, or even just strike up a conversation with someone new.

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Bad days happen. However, how we react to them will make us or break us. Give into the negativity and it will continue to spiral. But, if you break that cycle, you could have the best day of your life. ~

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