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Switch Up Your Routine & Jump Your Way to Fitness

Looking to burn calories while channeling your inner child? Then you have to check out one of Delaware’s premiere trampoline parks.

I ventured into Launch Trampoline Park in Newark, Delaware this weekend for my nephew’s birthday party and let me tell you, after about 10 minutes I was out of breath! And better yet, I was laughing the entire time.

trampoline park

It is no surprise to me then that recent research conducted by NASA found that trampoline jumping is superior to running for boosting cardiovascular health and burning calories. It is also better for your joints since it is low impact! Trampoline jumping is also an effective way to improve coordination, balance, strength and of course; endurance.

Some trampoline parks have even upped the ante, offering high intensity fitness classes where you can burn up to 1,000 calories! SKY ZONE Trampoline Park in Newark offers these classes throughout the week for only $8.00 per class.

Looking for something more recreational? SKY ZONE also offers an ultimate dodgeball tournament with cash prizes. They also offer ultimate volleyball!

Clearly, they’ve got something for everyone, I highly recommend it. Happy jumping!

Article written by GUADS staff member, Jennie.

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