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Top Nutrition Myths

Over the years, the media has put out information that is just not true.  There are so many misconceptions surrounding weight loss nutrition.  Even after they have been proven wrong, they always seem to resurface!  Don’t let yourself fall victim to these nutritional myths.


  1. Don’t eat late at night – Everyone has heard “if you eat late at night it will be stored as fat.” This makes no sense.  IF this were true, that means when you rest, so does your metabolism.  Definitely not the case.  Your metabolism is constantly running throughout the day and never actually shuts down.                                           
  2. Avoid fast food restaurants at all costs – Sometimes on busy days, fast food is the only food you’ll be able to eat and that is okay. There are fast food restaurants that can cater to your dietary needs.  Chick Fil A is a great example.  You can order grilled chicken, salads, and fruit.  Contrary to popular belief, McDonalds even offers grilled chicken sandwiches that are power packed with protein and are low fat.  The market is shifting for people to live a healthier life style.  That means these chains are looking to upgrade their menus to fit healthier options so be on the lookout!
  3. Coffee is bad for your health – No No No No. Coffee is god’s gift to earth.  This myth has been debunked and can actually be counted towards your water intake for the day.  Not only that, but coffee can add some extra antioxidants!                                        
  4. Low-fat options are always the healthier options –It sounds about right when you say it out loud. Less fat is a good thing, sometimes.  Foods with natural fat should be chosen over low fat options every time.  For example, almonds over low fat potato chips.  What companies aren’t telling you is that usually what is happening in these products is they are swapping out the fat for sugar.  That is not a good trade off, ever.                                                                             

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