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Take Inventory of Your Well-being

Sometimes, there seems to be a life cycle of just feeling blah. It may seem as though you’re on autopilot and watching life happen without really being mindful of it. Everyone goes through this phase one time or another. It can be at times stressful, especially when you don’t really know why you’re stuck feeling this way. Recently, I heard of an exercise anyone can do to help with this. It involves taking a “Life Inventory”. This simple activity involves you jotting down what is currently making you happy or what feels as though it’s missing in the major key areas of life. Here are the 7 main focus areas:

Mental/learning/personal development

How to Do It

Make a list of the areas. Also, there is no concrete definition of these topics. Decide what each area means to you and how you feel fulfilled. Afterwards under each category, jot down the things currently making you happy within the area. Or, some people like to write what they feel is missing within the category. There’s no need for organization with this, get creative. Write down anything and everything in your mind and make notes to yourself. This is a way to brainstorm and think deeply. Many times, we don’t tend to focus on some of these areas and we don’t notice that there is an unbalance. Is there a possibility you have been working on one area more than another?

Once you have completed your inventory, take a step back and take some time reflecting on each one. Sometimes, there are things in life that are out of our control. However, can you make a plan to improve what is in your control? Can you work on the way you react to things? If you see yourself in a different place in a certain area, make a plan. Many health coaches and professionals use this tool to spark ideas in their clients to make healthy changes. This could be in areas of physical, emotional, or mental health too.

Keep this inventory handy whenever you’re going through tough times. Also, putting it somewhere you see often can be a great visual to sticking to your plans and creating future goals. I like to do this activity every once in a while to take stock of things going on in your life and how to improve!



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