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The Only Supplements You Really Need

If you hop on instagram, facebook, or go to any fitness site you are going to see advertisements and testimonials for the new hottest supplements out there that are guaranteed to get you a six pack while increasing your bench press by 100 lbs. I see it every day in the gym as well. Guys taking pills, powders, and what not just with the hop of taking a shortcut to fitness. Well let me tell you something there are no shortcuts to fitness. You have to be there consistently and working hard to reach your goals. No supplement is going to get you there faster than hard work. That being said in general there are a few supplements that are generally good and helpful for you when it comes to reaching your goals.

Protein should always be the first supplement you think about using. It is the foundation of the supplement industry and the only one I really use and even then I go through cycles where I use it and do not use it, usually based on my bank account. But a post workout protein shake can help you rebuild muscle and recover from the days workout. Similarly, a shake before bed can help you wake up less hungry and make you more recovered when you wake up. A protein shake is also a great snack or something to hold you over between meals. So first and foremost when it comes to supplements protein is king.

Creatine is the other supplement that is useful when it comes to working out. Creatine has been around for years with multiple truly scientific studies to back it up. Not just ones conducted by the parent company of the product. It has been shown to be effective in helping to build and increase size and strength when used properly. It works by increasing your work capacity during lifts meaning you are able to lift longer leading to increases in size and strength. When it comes to buy creatine just pure creatine is fine. The fancy brand at GNC is not going to do you any better than just straight creatine.

These two supplements, protein and creatine, are the only ones that you really need if any when it comes to fitness. Most people do not even need any type of supplements if your goal is general fitness. So do not be fooled by people offering the miracle to all workouts. Hard work and dedication beat every single supplement every time.

By GUAD Staff Aston

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