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Suns Out Guns Out: Workout Outside

If you live on the east coast like me you know we have been experiencing some weird weather this past week. But good news this week things are finally looking up with warm weather and the sun finally coming out again. With the sun out and summer coming it is time to start to workout outside, or as I like to call it suns out guns out season. In the winter months we are stuck working out inside yearning for the days of summer. Well no more summer is here to stay. So here are a few of my favorite ways to workout in outside.

Workout Outside #1

Go to the park and use their equipment to do body weight moves like pushup, pullups, and dips. Many parks these days have bars available for a variety of body weight moves. While doing these moves mix in some running and you have a great total body workout with both cardio and strength gains. If you get lucky you may even see a few dogs to pet.

Workout Outside #2

Depending on where you workout take your barbells outside if you can. Many crossfit gyms allow members to take equipment outside for a workout. Take advantage of this fact by doing whatever lifting exercise you can and do outside. Lifting in the sun is always more enjoyable than lifting under the artificial lights.

Workout Outside #3

Swim outside whether at the beach, the community pool, a river, or a lake. Swimming is a great form of cardio working your entire body. Many community pools have hours for lap swim where you can swim under the sun without having to worry about the kids splashing around. If you are on vacation in a warm place use the bodies of water to get in a quick workout as well.

Next time it is sunny out try taking your workout outside for a nice suns out guns out workout and enjoy the warm weather while it is here.

By GUADS Staff Aston

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