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Photo Credit: Brute Strength

Did I just say the S Word?

Scaled. There I said it. The unfortunately looked down upon and forbidden S word among many of those more competitive athletes. Coach Adrian, from Brute Strength, talked about the importance and explained it the best! He talks about why it’s okay and why you should scale your workouts!  Click here to watch the video.

Basically scaling is all about making sure you get what you are supposed to out of a workout. What does this even mean? Well when a workout is typically written it is designed for the elite of the elite. Those that make their livelihood of working out. Which means not everyone is supposed to be able to do the workouts exactly how it is prescribed, and you should not beat yourself for it either. When attempting a workout you must first and foremost check your ego at the door. Going to the gym or a box is where you are going to get better and improve your fitness, key work improve NOT prove. Proving your fitness is for competitions. So in order to improve your fitness you should understand that some works are designed to be high intensity and to move weight quickly while others are supposed to be grinders that take a lot of time and effort. A good coach will tell you the purpose of each workout before you begin so you know what to expect. Humble yourself to the expertise of your coach and to the demands of the workout. There is no shame to scaling. Scaling is just an appropriate modification in order for you to meet the demands of the workout. So go and get after it.  If you have questions about the intensity and point of a workout don’t be afraid to ask! Scale workouts so you can be the best version of yourself possible!


Article Written by GUADS Staff Member: Kaitlyn

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