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post workout snacks
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A Quick Guide To Post Workout Snacks

What you eat before, during, and after a workout is super important. Not only do you need to be fueled for peak performance during a workout, but also it’s important to eat well after one to aid in muscle/total body recovery. The general rule of thumb (unless you’re training for something overly aggressive like a half or full marathon) is to consume a healthy balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Make sure you’re also including fruits and veggies! In total, a snack should be around 200 calories and come from wholes foods as opposed to process. Ambitious Kitchen provides a great guide that lists several of the most common post workout snacks.

Do you see any of your go-to snacks below?

Popular (& Healthy) Post Workout Snacks

post workout snacks
Photo: Ambitious Kitchen


Try them all to see which ones work for you and which don’t! Some may leave you feeling more full than others– stick to those! If not, try coming up with your own creation!


Article written by GUADS staff member, Chelsea

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