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Getting Your First Tattoo

More and more people are getting tattoos now a-days but most don’t know how to properly plan for one.  Here’s my best advice if you’re thinking about getting one:


First and foremost, you’ll want to know why you’re getting a tattoo.  Getting a tattoo because you think it looks cool is a sure-fire way to end up hating it down the line.  Find some meaning in your tattoos.  That being said, do your research.  Nothing more embarrassing then getting a tattoo with misspelled words or something in Chinese that means something totally different.

Doing your research includes everything from understanding the pain associated with the area being done all the way to having a shared vision with the artist of what the finished product looks like.  Next, find a reputable shop.  Make sure to research top tattoo shops in your area and to make sure they use safe and sterile practices.  Getting Hepatitis C can be painful.  Meet the artist in advance.  It’s always nice to get to know a couple artists to see who understands your vision and what you want.  One that should be obvious, know the cost.  Most shops will charge by the hour and some will have a set price for the piece.  Make sure you talk to your artist beforehand and figure out a rough estimate.  That being said, always bring more than you think (just in case) and remember that tipping is a thing for tattoos.  Think 10-20% for a tip.


The Day of Your Appointment:


Don’t shave!  If getting a tattoo on an area where hair is likely to grow most people will tell you to shave it, this Is false! Your artist will most likely do it for you.  When you do it at home people tend to cut themselves making it harder to tattoo around the cuts.  Make sure you are not on any drugs or under the influence of alcohol.  Alcohol can thin your blood leading to an increase in bleeding when getting inked.  Dress comfortably.  Some tattoos can take hours so make sure you are dressed as comfortable as you can be so you can stay as relaxed as possible.



Just remember that this is forever and make smart choices leading up to it.  Your artist should be a professional so if anything would go wrong, it would most likely be you.  Don’t forget, enjoy the experience!

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