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Follow This Easy & Effective Hotel Room Workout During Your Next Trip Away!

Trying to fit in a somewhat normal exercise schedule is the last thing you want to hear while traveling. I get it. You may have a jammed packed ternary for a business trip or simple looking to get away and rest while on vacation. Whatever the reason is, it’s super important to not completely abandon some type of workout routine!     Many travelers share a common barrier for not working out while away from home. Lack of space or gym facility. That’s where this handy hotel room workout comes in! It’s perfect for something quick, simple, and effective (basically an all around total body workout). Another big bonus is that it does not require a ton of space.

Soooo… I want you to ditch any exercise excuses when traveling and try this hotel room workout instead!

hotel room workout
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Side note: feel free to modify or switch out any of these moves! Basically any type of exercise that doesnt require a ton of space is perfect for your next hotel room workout.

Other ways to stay healthy while traveling:

  1. Try these bedtime mindfulness exercises to help you sleep after a long and exhausting day. This is perfect for trying to help you sleep in an unfamiliar place as well.
  2. Hydrate and drink plenty of water! This may be more of a “getting there” traveling tip for long plane or car rides, but also stock your hotel room with bottled or filtered water!
  3. Skip the free breakfast. I know free food is hard to resist, but unless they’re offering fresh fruit or other healthy options you’re best off without it.
  4. Take advantage of other amenities! A lot of hotel have indoor pools. Pack a bathing suit and swim some laps in your free time! (When you’re not doing the hotel room workout above of course). This is a great opportunity to fit in another great type of exercise for those who don’t swim very often.
  5. Schedule some time to have fun/relax (this is more for the business travelers). Make plans with other coworkers on the trip to just enjoy some needed time off. However, don’t go too crazy during happy hour!

Article written by GUADS staff member, Christina

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