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Zen Garden for Stress Relief

A desktop Zen Garden is designed to recreate the dry landscape gardens of Japanese Zen Buddhism on a smaller scale for enjoyment at your home or office. Zen gardens use rocks and gravel or sand to recreate the essence of nature. Swirling patterns in the sand represent water, while rock formations become mountains or islands. Sometimes the gardens simply encourage meditation on the meaning of life. This simple recreation is one of the simplest ways to take a few minutes to decompress and de-stress!

5 Reasons to Have Your Own Desktop Zen Garden

Relieves Stress

One of the most important benefits of a miniature Zen garden is stress relief. By effortlessly arranging the stones and combing the sand, you can begin to relax. Focusing on the repetitive physical movements quiets your mind and enables you to truly experience the present moment, rather than worrying about the past or the future.

A Form of Meditation

Meditating on a Zen garden can help you gain a wider perspective and see beyond what is in front of you. Calm your mind and body with every stroke of sand. Eventually your mind with quiet itself on its own.

Develops a Sense of Beauty

A desktop Zen Garden can also help you develop an appreciation for beauty. Zen gardens are based on concepts of beauty that can be applied to your life, your home, and your creative projects. The first basic concept is Kanso, or simplicity. Another concept is Fukinsei, asymmetry or irregularity. There is beauty in things that are uneven or off center. The famous “Zen circle,” or enso, is often painted as an incomplete or imperfect circle to symbolize that imperfection is a part of life. However, there can still be a sense of balance in the asymmetry. Another important concept is Yugen, which can be translated in many ways including “a subtle grace,” “hidden beauty,” and “mysterious profundity.”

Enhances Creative Flow

You can also use your Zen Garden to stimulate your creativity, or to practice seeing things from different points of view. Placing it on your tabletop may even help you to find a new perspective or solve a problem plaguing you at work.

Focuses on Discipline

Miniature or not, working with a Zen garden and practicing meditation can help improve your focus and patience.

DIY Zen Garden Tutorial

Article written by GUADS staff member Chelsea with Zen Garden lingo provided from Japan Blog

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