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Pick Up Positive Vibrations

You may have overheard, or have been in a conversation with someone and they brought up vibrations. Simply calling it vibes may be even more common. Hearing statements like “raise your vibrations”, “I got good vibes from her”, “that lowered my vibrations”. Everything around us is made up of vibrational energy, if you want to look at it down to …

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Build Beyoncé Level Confidence

No one is perfect. And sometimes, that’s hard to remember. We’re hard on ourselves and are ultra-critical of every flaw we see. Then, we end up comparing ourselves to others. This ends up being the perfect recipe for poor body image and low confidence levels. How do we combat our inner bully? 1. Unsubscribe and Unfollow Ever scroll through your …

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Stop Holding Back and Start Being You

holding back

All of us do it, but maybe we don’t ever really even know it. It’s the classic “I can’t” dressed up in all different phrases that really just mean, I am afraid. It’s all the things we say when we are holding back. News flash, life is scary. Really, really scary. I know more people than not who make up …

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It’s Time to Start Practicing Patience

We live in a fast paced generation. We’re on-the-go nonstop, work long hours, and find joy in bragging about how busy we are. Then we expect immediate gratification for the work we put in. When we want something, we want it to come to us as fast as possible. Then, when what we want takes longer to achieve than anticipated, we …

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Turning Your Bad Day Around: Combat the Negativity

We’ve all had one those days: you overslept, you stubbed your pinky toe, it’s raining cats and dogs, you couldn’t find a parking spot, which made you late to an important meeting, you forgot your lunch at home and had to settle for an apple and an expired granola bar, then had a million things to do at work/school. Some …

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Ways To Stay Positive During Negative Situations

stay positive

Negative situations are inevitable. They are a part of life and sometimes come at the worst times when you least expect it. The most resilient people are the ones who can overcome a negative situation and still remain positive. It’s never easy, but it may help you out in the long run! Below are some simple tips to help you stay …

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My Take on The Alchemist

Once in a while, a book hits me so hard in the feels that it takes me a few days to recuperate. It happened with A Dog’s Purpose and pretty much all of the Harry Potter books. Just recently, my roommate gave the The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho to borrow. It’s a story about a young shepherd boy named Santiago …

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Redefining Success

The idea of what it means to be successful seems to be a reoccurring conversation lately. Which got me thinking… What does it even mean to be successful? How are we supposed to define success? Is it the amount of money you make? The title you hold? The trophies, plaques or awards that hang on the wall? A long time …

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Making your Dreams Reality: Create your Own Vision Board

Remember when you were little and you used to get out all of your coloring supplies? You would spend hours drawing whatever your heart desired. You might have drawn yourself as a princess or an astronaut. Maybe you would draw a portrait of you and your family in Disney World. I, for one, would always draw pictures of dogs because …

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Sometimes…It’s Okay To Be A Little Selfish, Here’s Why

be a little selfish

Most of us have been taught our whole lives that being selfish is bad. That we must share, and give, all that we have. Most of us have probably been told things like, “finish your plate, there are starving children in Africa” or, “share your toy, you get to play with it all the time.” Well, I am here to …

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