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The Best and Worst Foods to Eat When You’re Stressed Out

Let’s get this out of the way first: There’s no such thing as magical foods that reduce stress. But that doesn’t mean that the food you eat doesn’t have an impact on how you’re feeling—and when you’re already stressed, certain foods can potentially make matters worse, whereas other foods can help you feel physically well, which can go a long …

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7 Ways To Make Overnight Oats Way, Way Better

Overnight oats can be the bomb—not only are they packed with healthy fiber and fruits to kick your day off right but they’re easy AF. But they can also be—well, let’s be honest—a soggy mess. To up the ante on your overnight oats, we scoured the internet for the best tips. Here are eight ways to make your overnight oats way, way better. SWITCH UP …

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Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies


If you all haven’t figured this out yet, I love to bake. When I am stressed I either workout or cook. Both are wonderful distractions that make me feel like I am doing something of good use. I was sent this link because I  LOVE cookie dough. But when you are gluten-free (not by choice) finding tasty cookie dough is hard …

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Macro Counting 101

Macronutrients or macros are what makes up the caloric content of food. The three categories of macros are fats, carbohydrates, and protein. Why is this important? Well, its important because where you are getting your calories from really does make all the difference. Getting the right amount of protein, fat, and carbs will determine whether you are building or losing …

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Fresh Food Finds For The First Day Of Spring!

fresh food

Spring has Sprung! Happy first day of spring, everyone! I never used to appreciate this season until the last couple of years… I always just wanted to fast forward right to summer. However, I’ve come to love the seeing everything liven up again and the weather start to warm. A lot of people see New Years as a start to …

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Saint Patrick’s Day Stew

Well, today is Saint Patrick’s Day (obviously unless you live under a rock you know this already).  Saint Patty’s Day generally involve public parades and festivals, céilithe (Irish traditional music sessions), and the wearing of green attire or shamrocks. There are also formal gatherings such as banquets and dances, although these were more common in the past. In today’s day …

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Healthy Green Recipes That Will ShamROCK Your St. Paddy’s Day

healthy green recipes

St. Patrick’s day is this Friday and I couldn’t be more excited. Even though I’m only 1/4 Irish, I love the festivity of it all. It’s a day to eat drink & be merry… A day to toss real life out the window and just enjoy celebrating with friends and family. However, it can be a holiday full of some …

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Trail Mix to the Rescue

I’ve mentioned a time or two before that I like snacking… a lot. Driving to and from the beach this weekend with NO snacks in the car was really torturous for me. Basically I felt like my stomach was eating itself and HANGRY Chelsea is never a good look. So, when I got home, I Googled, “the perfect snack to …

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I’ll Blame It on The Girl Scouts

Raise your hand if you’ve felt personally victimized by those adorable little Girl Scouts! Okay, so maybe I’m exaggerating but for goodness sake, I just can’t say no. I don’t know if it’s because the cookies themselves are highly addictive or because the girls are standing outside in the freezing cold, in their cute little uniforms asking if I would …

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Breakfast of Champions


Breakfast for champions  or for the fellow breakfast lover!  Oatmeal is one of my favorite ways to start the day. It keeps me full and the way I jazz it up and adds some vital micronutrients to my diet! My friends are always asking what I made for meal prep and how I prepare my foods so here is how …

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