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What You Can Learn From Your Arch-nemesis

Your Relationships Are Your Mirrors

Alright, arch nemesis may be a little strong. But if I asked you to think of a person that grinds your gears or even a pet peeve that frustrates you to no end, does a specific person or pet peeve immediately come to mind? If it’s a person, what is it about that person that drives you crazy?

With a little introspection, the answer very well could uncover things about yourself that you are unhappy or ashamed of. Actions, traits and things about others that drive us crazy are often the very things that remind us about things we don’t like about ourselves. Our judgment and dislikes of others is a mirror.

And it works both ways, things that you admire and like about people are often things you love about yourself.

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”

              -Carl Jung

As a disclaimer, this is excluding people that are pathological liars, violent criminals, war criminals etc.

I’m talking about the people that irk you, almost irrationally.

These people are your mirrors. Acknowledging and even accepting this concept can positively transform your life and your interactions with others.

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No want wants to admit to themselves that they can be insecure, bossy, lazy, dishonest etc. but identifying these traits that stick out to us in others, we can understand ourselves better.

Identifying and owning our flaws is the first step. Sometimes it is easier to do when we take the mirror approach. What are your pet peeves, what are those traits?

From there you can either decide to improve them or work to accept them. Either way, you’ll approach relationships with greater compassion in knowing we are all flawed.

“Your perception of me is a reflection of you; my reaction to you is an awareness of me.”



Article written by GUADS staff member, Jennie

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