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Best Podcasts for Life Lessons

Summer is a great time to get into a new series. There’s more long car rides on the way to a trip and time to get into something you’re interested in. Podcasts are perfect ways to learn and entertain yourself without sitting in front of a screen. There are so many to choose from, if you’re interested in crime stories or just want a good laugh. Also, there are always new series coming out helping people adjust to periods of life. Here are some of the top podcasts from 2017 pertaining to life lessons:

For Advice from Real People:


  • The show host helps his guests confront their difficult life moments and move on. The podcast has a vibe that feels like talking to friends and ordinary people about problems instead of a therapist.

For Confronting the Hard Stuff:

Dear Sugar

  • Bestselling author, Cheryl Strayed and her co-writer Steve Almond started out giving advice for the heartbroken and downtrodden in their “Dear Sugar” column. This podcast is them answering some of the deepest, darkest, and most painful life questions from listeners.

For Extraordinary Stories:

This American Life

  • This podcast has been around for a while, but it still delivers great entertainment. The creators seek the most compelling stories from every day people. If you like biographies and interview style podcasts, this one’s for you.

For People Who Love Documentaries:


  • This series picks a new topic each week on popular political issues and dives into a story. The show guests offer different perspectives on the “right” and “wrong” sides and offer opportunities for deep thinking.

For Learning about the Small Stuff:

99% Invisible

  • This podcast is all about the small details tending to go unnoticed, like placement of kid’s pictures on milk cartons and sound recording at sporting events. By the end of the episode, it opens the door to more influences in our world surrounding us than we realize. This series is perfect for people who love learning about new and random information.

For an Unpopular Perspective:

Fresh Air

  • Terry Gross, widely acknowledged as one of the most skilled interviewers on the radio, convinces some of the world’s most interesting people to reveal their life philosophies. It includes guest appearances from people like Chris Rock and Meryl Streep. If you want to pick a celebrity’s brain, you’ll love this one.


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