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25 Benefits of Meditation You Need to Know About

I thought it was weird, until I tried it for myself. When I was in high school, I had an History teacher who started each class with a few minutes of meditation. At the time, my classmates and I loved it because we merely thought of it as a way to eat into class time, but the more we did it, the more I realized the way it made me feel – more centered, focused, and calm. I never wanted to take the time to pursue it by myself, though, because I didn’t know how to, really. I felt silly sitting in silence by myself.

Getting to college, however, I always felt these moments where I was overwhelmed with all the aspects of a busy college lifestyle. Studies, clubs, maintain a healthy social life, contributing to my sorority. I had a million things to do, and I felt as if couldn’t do any of them properly and to my fullest potential. I also developed serious anxiety when coming to college and meditation was always suggested to me by my therapist, but I still felt so awkward meditating by myself, I frankly felt like meditation was for “hippie like people”. When a cool blogger I follow on Instagram posted about this app she used on her phone, I decided to
download it and just try.

(It’s called Headspace, get it!)

The first time I tried to meditate by myself, I could only do it for two minutes. It sounds ridiculous, but you don’t realize how much useless stuff you worry  about until you challenge yourself to sit still. I thought meditation was weird, until I really tried it. Now, I’m grateful for the minutes I can be alone. I try to start my day off by meditating before I even get out of bed. Some days I do forget to do it because I am in a rush, but I can promise you, I feel better the
days I do.

Here are 25 benefits I’ve found from mediating daily. Try it, see if it helps you!

  1. Constant calm mind
  2. Good concentration
  3. Better clarity
  4. Increased communication
  5. Relaxation
  6. Lowers blood pressure
  7. Improves immune system
  8. Increases serotonin production, which positively impacts mood and behavior
  9. Increases energy level
  10. Decreases anxiety
  11. Emotional stability improves
  12. Intuition develops
  13. Greater confidence
  14. More mental strength
  15. Increases optimism
  16. Increases memory retention
  17. Better information processing
  18. Better cognitive function and creative thinking
  19. Lessens inflammatory disorders
  20. Improves breathing and heart rates
  21. Helps reduce alcohol and substance abuse
  22. Improves decision making
  23. Makes you stronger against pain
  24. Improves self-awareness
  25. Helps us allocate brain-function resources.

Article written by GUADS guest writer, Caroline

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