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Worries, Worries, Go Away

Cast Away Your Worries

When I was a little girl, one of my favorite things to do was collect seashells along the shoreline. One morning as mom and I were out on our daily hunt, she showed me a neat looking rock that she found. “See this stone Angelina? This a worry stone. Keep it in your pocket. Whenever you feel sad or worried or anxious, take it out of your pocket and hold it in your hand. Remember being here on the beach, your favorite place, looking for seashells. Cast all of your worries into this stone and remember that everything is going to be okay”. This is just a typical example of how my mother always tries to make everything magic, make every day fun, and turn each moment into an adventure. In my little 8 year-old mind, I truly believed it to be magical.

Fast forward 13 years, and I still take my mom’s words to heart. Actually, I have a small stone in my desk drawer that I pull out and play with every once in a while. Seeing it always reminds me of being a little girl again. It takes me back to a time where my biggest worry wasn’t my research paper, work, or paying rent. It also reminds me that everything might not be okay right now, they will be. Worrying about things, especially the things that we can’t control, will only make things worse.


Actually, worry stones are an actual “thing”, and not just something my mom made up. Typically, they are small and smooth with an indented center. They work because they keep our sensory inputs busy, which is one way to reduce stress. It’s a similar concept to squeezing a stress ball, except even more effective. Why? Because your worry stone is supposed to have a significant meaning. It reminds you of a special moment in your life or of a happy memory you don’t want to forget. Which brings me to my next point – your worry stone doesn’t have to be a “stone” at all. It can be a seashell, a button, a key chain, or anything else that holds a special meaning in your heart. Keep it in your pocket, your book bag, or your purse. And then, whenever you need a little bit of power, hold it in your palm, take a deep breath, visualize your goals, and let go of your troubles. It might not be the “magic”,  but it’s pretty close.








Written by GUADS staff member Angelina. 

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