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Why Knee Sleeves?

Knee injuries are the number one cause that men say they can’t perform a certain workout (some are lying, but that’s for another time) Athletes are often seen with torn or completely blown out ACL’s, MCL’s, and PCLS.  There is actually a simple and protective option that is often neglected.  It’s called, the knee sleeve.  The knee brace is an attempt to reduce the severity and occurrence of injuries to the knee without limiting one’s mobility.


First, what is a knee sleeve?

A knee sleeve provides some support and are designed to protect the knee from any future injuries.  They add an element of compression that amplifies blood flow to the knee which results in reduced pain.  Compression plays a huge role in knee pain because compression adds more blood flow which results in better recovery.  Other aspects it provides are adding warmth to the joints, limiting patella movement and provide mechanical support for the joints.


Knee sleeves however, are not the same as knee braces.  Knee braces are more for people who have unstable knees and knee sleeves alone will not be enough support.  Again, knee braces are more for prevention of a future injury not fixing an old injury.

Knee Brace
Knee Brace


When should I use a knee sleeve?

Whenever your knees are put under daily pressure.  Daily pressure can include but is not limited to: running, jumping, weight lifting, etc.  Weight lifting is a perfect time to use one.  The force from squatting, snatching, power cleaning, etc. can literally grind the knee cap onto itself.  This being said not every exercise will need a knee sleeve.  Just think about these three guidelines when thinking of wearing one:


  1. The knee is left vulnerable or weak
  2. It’s at a greater risk for damage (especially squats)
  3. It can lead to long term damage


I personally use knee sleeves every day.  The amount of warmth it brings to my knees helps me feel completely warmed up and ready to get after my workouts.  That being said, I have tried a number of different knee sleeves.  In my opinion (not being paid by them) would be Rogue knee sleeves which you can purchase here.  So, If you are worried about future knee injuries, give these a try, you won’t regret it!

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