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vegetable charcuterie
Photo: Instagram - cheesemongrrl

Vegetable Charcuterie: All About The Latest Instagram Food Trend

Uhmmm…move over salads and fruit/veggie bowls, vegetable charcuterie¬†is the latest Instagram food trend and it’s pretty obvious why! These works of art are essentially over the top veggie trays, but the amount of thought and skill put in them are unbelievable. Restaurants thats serve ¬†vegetable charcuterie are popping up all over the country (local GUADS viewers, you’re in luck! There’s one located right in Philadelphia).

Obviously the examples listed below are exquisite and require excellent artistic skills. However, there are ways to make a beautiful vegetable charcuterie spread with going to that extreme level. Here are some tips!

  • It doesn’t have to be all veggies! Add fruits, nuts, cheeses, and meats. The point is to make it your own and fill the plate with your favorite foods and ingredients.
  • Play with colors & textures. Whether you’re making a rainbow tray or simply using all green vegetables (like in the second picture), playing with different colors and texture can add interest and uniqueness to the platter.
  • Don’t forgot to play with shapes too! It’s not like chefs are using food ingredients you’ve never heard of, they’re just reinventing the way they foods are typically served. Experiment with cutting foods into unique shapes such as vegetable ribbons or layer slices into different types of shapes.

Vegetable Charcuterie Inspiration

Photo: Instagram – cheesemongrrl
Photo: Instagram – avoseedo
Photo: Instagram – cheesemongrrl

I may try this for an Easter dinner appetizer. It just looks like a fun way to incorporate fresh foods into your next dinner (anddd I also want to channel my inner artist.)

Article written by GUADS staff member, Christina

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