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Most Underrated Forms of Cardio

I do not know about you but I dread the days that I know I have cardio coming for me. Generally Wednesdays and Saturdays for me. Either way cardio is not my favorite I would much rather be in the gym throwing some weight around or doing some body weight moves than sitting on a treadmill for 30 minutes listening to current pop hits. Running is also a little hard on my joints, thats what 225 lbs. and 5 years of cheerleading will do to you. All that being said I am always trying to find different types of cardio that give me more bang for my buck. So here are a few of my favorite underrated forms of cardio for when running just is not doing it for you anymore.

Underrated Forms of Cardio #1

Rowing is my first choice when it comes to cardio. Most guys around the country have a rowing machine or erg somewhere in the gym that is not getting used so it is always free. The reason I love rowing is it shoots your heart rate right up and keeps it there for sprints and it provides a nice repetitive form of steady stay cardio as well. Rowing is also total body working your legs, arms, and back at the same time. So I always feel like I am working harder than when I run.

Underrated Forms of Cardio #2

The assault bike or fan bike is a great alternative to the usual bike. Similar to rowing it has handles that you use to move the fan as well making it a total body form of cardio. Fun thing about this is that there is no resistance to set. The harder you go the harder it gets due to the wind resistance caused by the fan moving faster. So you can go as easy as you want or as hard as you want.

Underrated Forms of Cardio #3

Swimming is another total body move that people forget about when it comes to cardio because you never really break a sweat doing it. Well let me tell you it is a tough workout. Now is a great time to start with many pools opening for the summer season and offering lap swim at some point throughout the day.

Underrated Forms of Cardio #4

The fourth and final pick is something called the versa climber. This piece of equipment is popping up again at gyms all over. It is there to simulate climbing working your total body as the trend for all of the cardio listed above. It is one of those pieces that most people are scared of but super easy to use. You just hope on and start moving.

Hopefully this helps you with some new ideas for cardio as I know I am always looking for something different.

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