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sleep tracking
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The Ultimate Guide to Sleep Tracking

Sleep tracking is now easier than ever with all the health technology, apps, and gadgets out in the world now. Should we be buying into sleep tracker technology or is it just an extra fitness fad? You decide! Here is your ultimate guide to sleep tracking.

How does this technology work?

Most of them use an accelerometer to track your sleep patterns. Some of them can even tell you how much time you spend in each stage of sleep. This device measures how much movement you make during your sleep and this data is then used in an ‘algorithm’ to estimate sleep time and quality. (HINT: how sensitive the device your are using can greatly affect their accuracy and results.) You can either lay a mobile device near your head on your bed or use a wearable device.

sleep tracking
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Good sleep is key.

We all know that participating in good sleeping behaviors is a vital part to our health. Sleep trackers can help give you a clue into how restless you are during the night as well as when you’re entering each sleep stage. Also, people who don’t get sleep on a regular pattern can get information that might help them either establish a pattern or at least see what they’re doing with their activities during the day when their pattern is off.

Best Sleep Tracking Mobile Apps

  1. Sleep Cycle
  2. Sleepbot
  3. MotionX-24/7
  4. Sleep Time
  5. Smart Alarm Clock
  6. Sleep As Android

P.S. you can also track your sleep on a fitbit, apple watch, jawbone, and other fitness gadgets!

Article written by GUADS staff member, Christina with contributions from the Sleep Health Foundation

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