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The Trees Are Green, It’s Trail Riding Season

The cool breeze, the rushing of the trees as you past them, having the duck under branches, and getting scratched by the greenery as your ride on by are all part of the thrill of trail riding. Being on a bike, having to pedal up the hills, navigating stumps, roots, and rocks, makes the downhill all the worth while. The speed of flying down and around tight corners and bends, nearly falling of the edge of the trail makes this sport extreme.

Crashing can be part of the experience as well. Just like any adventure, there are always risks. There was this one time I was riding in Richmond, Virginia on the James River trails and got spooked by a buck in the distance. Neglecting to pay attention to what I was riding over, I managed to get hit a root and fly over the top of my handle bars, and “superman” it to the ground. Luckily, I was not highly injured, just very bruised, but it did make for a great story. I can now laugh at the fact that I was startled by a deer trail riding.

The benefits and pleasures of trail riding definitely out weigh the risks. For instance, getting to be outside in nature (typically very beautifully scenery) and getting my exercise in for the day is a huge win to me. Any chance I can combined two of my favorites things is ideal in my book.

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GUADS Article Written By: Kaitlyn

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