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Top 10 Foodie Accounts on Instagram

While many people complain that social media can be disastrous for various reasons, it’s actually being used in productive and helpful ways. Personally, I use it for ideas: clothing, food, house inspiration, workouts, and more. Spending enough (too much?) time on Instagram has lead me to some pretty cool foodie accounts – ones where I’ve been able to gather inspiration about food/recipes and healthy eating.

Therefore, I wanted to expose my top 10 favorite foodie accounts on Instagram. These accounts show that healthy eating can be fun/pretty, easy, convenient, and a unique way to be creative and explore different tastes. Not only are these accounts run by people who are “legit” (registered dietitians, those with Masters degrees, those licensed in mindful eating, etc.), but they also occasionally feature their loyal followers, always giving ideas and shout outs to others. Here they are, in no particular order!


This account is run by Lisa Hayim, who has a MS and is an RD. She specializes in mindful eating, and is a big fan of eating plants. Her food pictures are always colorful and appetizing.


Photo: Instagram

**This one is my absolute favorite! I’ve been following this account, run by Rachel, the longest. I love the simple healthy dishes she creates. She also posts instagram stories, so you can follow along as she creates her recipes. She demonstrates her ingredients, how she prepares food, and shows the finished product as well.


Katie Lemons (ironically enough) runs this foodie account, and it features pictures of her full meals. She is a functional medicine nutrition student, and I especially love some of her hashtags on her posts: #goodmoodfood #feedyourbrain


Charlotte, a healthy foodie lover, posts perfectly crafted food art pictures on her account. She also posts some “real life” pictures, where she emphasizes that balance is not only key, but is a normal part of life, and should be regularly enforced.

                                                                             Photo: Instagram


Clara Norfleet is in charge of this one – she’s not only a RD, but is an LDN as well. She stresses “real food recipes”, which she includes in the caption of each of her posts. They are easy to follow and understand.


This account is run by a MD, Adriana. She emphasizes EASY eats, where none of her recipes are complicated in the slightest. She advertises regular ingredients you can get at any basic grocery store – truly showing that everything she creates is doable.


This account features a ton of beautifully fresh produce. Not only that, but Jeannette Ogden, the owner of the account, provides ideas for post-workout recipes. Check out more for post-workout snacks.


B Flynn runs this account, where she not only posts aesthetically pleasing meal pictures, but also promotes products good for your entire body, like facial scrubs, organic body washes, and protein drinks.


Tiffany, the mastermind behind this account, frequently features sprouts as garnish, the ever-popular avocado, and eggs sunny side up. Because who doesn’t love breakfast?


Katy, the self-proclaimed sweets lover, runs this account from ATL. She features more sweet treats than the other accounts, but they’re filled with healthier ingredients and alternatives. The picture featured below is a healthier version of chocolate chip cookies, with, for example, almond flour and Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups.

                                                                          Photo: Instagram
The next time you’re looking for healthy food inspiration, looking for food art, or looking for new ideas in general, check out any of these 10 foodie accounts on Instagram, and I promise you won’t be disappointed!
Article written by GUADS Staff Member, Kelley 


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