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Feeling Crappy? Turn on Some Music

A Good Tune Never Hurt Nobody

Music is something magical. It’s a band aid for all of life’s emotional wounds and an outlet to express the pent up emotions felt inside. The best part? There is something for everyone. If you like upbeat and poppy, there’s Taylor Swift, Arianna Grande, Justin Beiber. If you’re into rap, there’s Jay-Z, Eminem, 2Chainz, Biggie, Tupac…the list could go forever. If you like mellow/calm …Indie Rock is your go to. If classic rock is your thing, there’s plenty of that out there. Oldies, country, latin, alternative, gospel, jazz.. I could go on and on. What I’m trying to say is that music is EVERYWHERE. And the power of music is something indescribable. Feeling crappy? Turn on some music.

Everyone has a favorite song or artist and it’s no surprise that liking the same type can be both a topic of conversation and a tool for connection. Personalities can even be determined by the types of music people listen to. Think about it, there are classical people, there are artsy/indie people, there are hard rock people, there are alternative people, and there are country people. There are so many facets of personalization that come from your playlist that it’s no surprise that music can be as contentious as politics or religion. It’s different for everybody.

Some people like to get amped up; some people like to quiet down. For me, I like rap (old school not this new crap they think is rap) **that rhymed. I have my favorite artists as everybody does, some are unique, some would be strange to other people, some of them I’m a little ashamed of (guilty pleasures) but in every case it’s MY music. It’s the stuff that makes ME feel better. I can’t count the times I’ve been so overwhelmed by the world that the first thing I think to do is grab my keys, get in the car and drive with the music blasting.

Hundreds of studies have been conducted on the healing power of music and for good reason. It’s a way unlike pretty much anything else imaginable. It’s transformative. It can change your mood, it can slow your heart rate, it can soothe invasive thoughts. There’s something about it that takes you out of a situation and gives you respite.


So, what’s your favorite music? Any guilty pleasures?

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Article written by GUADS staff member, Chelsea with help from PsychCentral

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