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Summer Eating Do’s and Don’ts

Memorial day is right around the corner that means its time for summer barbecues and picnics. Knowing what to put on the grill or in the basket will make the summer that much more fun. Eating in our culture, like many, is a very sociable time. However, complaining about the acid reflux, bloating, or upset stomach is not enjoyable at all! Being mindful about what we are eating can take away that pain and agony. Here’s an easy guide to follow.


  • Drink a lot of water, let it be your beverage of choice! We sweat a lot during the summer and must be able to replace it and rehydrate ourselves.
  • Choose fruits and vegetables over chips and cookies, I know it is hard to pass over the sweet and salt snacks but fruits and veggies have a lot more valuable nutrients and water content to keep you hydrated and full
  • Opt for grilled instead of fried, besides the fact the frying meats and other foods adds calories it also adds unnecessary saturated fats into your diet that is harmful to your heart health.


  • FallĀ for false advertising and marketing gimmicks that get you to buy processed foods or to believe that a “superfood” will be able to cure a poor diet
  • Skip breakfast, I know the idea of saving calories for big meal later or alcohol sounds like a good idea but it isn’t. Keep your metabolism revving by starting your day with protein, fat, and some carbs
  • Forget that portion sizes matter, be sure to be mindful about how much you are putting on your plate. Start small, you can always go back for seconds. Remember to slow down when you eat so you appreciate the food on your plate.


Article Written By GUADS Staff Member: Kaitlyn

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