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Stop Skipping Physical Therapy

Physical therapy after an injury is often thought of as optional and ignored.  The reality is, physical therapy can make a huge difference in the long run if you commit to it.  Listed below are the top 5 reasons why you should actually go to physical therapy!

image from: Harvard Health

1. REDUCES PAIN – Physical therapy incorporates soft and joint tissue mobilization or other treatments that can effectivelyhelp relieve pain.  Not only that, but therapy can restore muscle and joint function which lead to a reduction in pain.

2. AVOID SURGERY – If the injury is too far past the point of not needing surgery, you can still reap the benefits or pre-surgery physical therapy.  Pre-surgery therapy can lead to increase recovery time by going in stronger therefore minimizing the length of recovery.

3. IMPROVES MOBILITY – Physical Therapy has been shown to do magical things like helping patients get rid of canes or helping someone bend over to pick up their child.  This all starts with increasing your range of motion or ability to move.  For example, if you’ve suffered an ankle injury, chances are you will have a tight ankle once the healing process is done.

4. HELP WITH DEGENERATIVE ISSUES – Whether you’re 13 or 53, it is never too early or late to start preventing health issues.  Physical therapy promotes a resistance effect on developing arthritis or osteoporosis.

5. IMPROVE YOUR BALANCE – Whenever you begin your journey through therapy, you will get screened for fall risk.  Therapists will provide safety and balance exercises that mimic real life situations.  These will improve coordination and ultimately put you in a better place then when you started.

Skipping therapy can lead to health risks that are going to ultimately deter you from your goals. Remember without a healthy body you are not able to get up and do something!

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