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Sick this winter? Eat yourself healthy!

As February goes on the winter blues are still in full force, and it’s likely you will get sick at some point. Winter is the breeding ground for germs and sickness but keeping yourself healthy long-term is not found in the medicine cabinet. It’s time to stock up on foods and drinks to get you back to being you again! When Sickness strikes, your body needs the proper fuel to support your immune system – foods chock full of vitamins and minerals! So, what exactly should you be filling your food shopping cart with?



Ah the power of hot tea! One of the main benefits of tea is that it is full of antioxidants and nutrients, which are vital to your health. Teas can remedy an upset stomach, a nasty cold, a sore throat, or even just warm you up when you’re cold from a fever! Add some honey to make the tea up to your sweetness, or even milk to add a different flavor. Which kind of tea is the best you ask? Well that all depends on your taste buds of course!


Yummy banananners! This delicious strange looking fruit is rich in potassium and magnesium, best to help with pain and calm any stomach problems. While it is a bland food on its own, it is simple enough to not upset the stomach any further when you are sick, sticking with plain and easy!

Chicken Noodle Soup

Be prepared to get souped up! Any kind of soup can help clear out your nose and throat by the broth helping to break up mucous, redness, and inflammation within the respiratory tract. Plus it’s great for rehydrating and getting in that extra needed fluids!


Get ready to whip up something eggcellent…. Eggs are chock full of protein which is an important factor for the repair and growth of body tissues. Eggs are a food source full of vitamin D, necessary to get enough of during the dark and dreary winter months. Try whipping up some plain scrambled eggs, or, if your stomach can handle it, sunny side up eggs and some toast!

Sweet Potatoes

Packed full of powerful micronutrients to fight pain and help give you energy when stabilizing blood glucose levels! Has anti-inflammatory properties and high in vitamin a, perfect for a nutritious and delicious recipe that will help to get you out of your bed-ridden sickness filled self!

Citrus Fruits

Antioxidant Power– Oranges, lemons, tangerines, grapefruit, and so many more-juicy colorful fruits! These sweet and sour fruits are packed with vitamins A and C helping to fight free radical damage, and shorten duration of sicknesses. Try blending them into a smoothie or eating them plain to help aid symptoms of your sickness.

Yogurt – or any Probiotics!

One of the best foods chock full of probiotics – necessary to help replenish healthy bacteria in the gut. The probiotics are really great for those who have a cold because they reduce the body’s inflammatory response and thus make the symptoms less prominent. Yogurts are often full of protein, perfect for getting extra energy in when you are feeling down.

Fluids! Water, Coconut Water, or even Gatorade!

It is so important to stay hydrated with plenty of water – it’s the key to staying healthy. Remember from health class that our body is mostly made up of water, it’s vital to getting better!

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all remedy for curing sickness, but proper nutrition can help you get well and feel better faster. Even if you feel like you don’t have an appetite – make sure you try to get something in you to ensure you have energy, and can slowly start to get better. Play around with different foods and see what is best for your body. 


Written by GUADS staff member Alexa


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