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Post Thanksgiving Burn!

Calories in means calories out right? One way to get right back on track after the holiday is with some exercise. After hours or even days of celebration it may feel like it would take months to reverse all that was done. It just takes a little motivation and a gradual get back into a normal routine. Here are some ideas of how to burn off all the holiday celebration.

What does it take to burn off my main meal?

A typical meal on Thanksgiving usually consists of protein (most likely turkey) probably drizzled with some gravy. This will go along with a starch, such as potatoes, and then some vegetables. The vegetables may even be beautifully masked by a lovely layer of creams and sugars. 

3 medium roast potatoes (400 calories) = 40 minutes of Crossfit

and 3 slices of turkey (90 calories) = 20 minutes of casual cycling

3 parsnips (163 calories) = 15 minutes of stair climbing

2 carrots (82 calories) = 6 minutes of burpees

1 portion of candied yams with marshmallows (282 calories) = 30 minutes of ice skating

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So approximately 1,017 calories later equals 2-hours of this variety of exercise


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In order to burn a meal based on veggies, 30-minute run would do the trick

And Dessert?

Slice of pecan pie (500 calories) = 90 minutes on Wii Fit

Slice of pumpkin pie (410 calories) = 45-minute HIIT class

2 slices of cheese with 4 crackers (280 calories) = 30 minutes of running

Don’t forget adult drinks!

This is one of the easiest way to fill up on your calories during the holidays, here are some workouts it’ll take snap you back into shape

Glass of mulled wine (160 calories) = 30 minutes of hot yoga

Glass of prosecco (69 calories) = 7 minutes of jump rope skipping

Shot of Baileys (109 calories) = 20 minutes of low intensity strength or weight training

Glass of eggnog (220 calories) = 25 minutes of walking lunges

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GUADS article written by Breanna, with contributions from dailymail.co.uk

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