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New Years Challenge

Today is January 1st, National new years resolution day, and it is the perfect time to start a new years challenge.  This challenge will allow flexibility and can help build other habits along the way.  Its a win win!

What you will need: All you will need for this challenge is a calendar and a marker.

What is it?: This challenge is simple and can be followed by anyone.  Basically your goal is to workout a little bit more each week.  So for the first week, your goal is to workout at least once.  When i say workout that can be anything ranging from going for a walk, to lifting weights, to skiing.  Pretty simple, right?  The second week, your goal will be to workout at least twice.  Then the third week three times, fourth week four times, and 5th week 5 times, etc.  The idea of the challenge is to help you get active one week at a time.  The calendar will be a tool to help you stay on track and monitor your progress!

Most people fail when trying to become more active because they immediately try to workout seven days a week.  Taking it slow will not only make it easier to pursue your goal activity levels, but will help your body adapt.  There is nothing worse than feeling sore 24/7.

Here is where the challenge can become yours.  You can personalize the challenge in any way you please.  For example, every time you are active, put a dollar in the jar.  You will not be able to touch that money until the end of the year and will/should have a nice chunk of change waiting for you.  Other ways to personalize this is by setting incentives at certain goal points.  After two weeks if you’re able to hit your goal, reward yourself with new running shoes or a new bike.  Incentives can give you that extra push you need.

Give the challenge a shot and let us know what you think!



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