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Why You Should Never Skip The Beach…It’s Science

It’s March, which means that it is spring break time. For students, spring break is a given and if you are lucky, you might get to take advantage of this time off and travel to one of the world’s beautiful beaches. For the rest of us, we may not be so lucky to be given automatic time off from work and responsibility. The beach can be one of the best places to unwind, relax, and truly decompress. If you spend the rest of your year working Monday through Friday, or Saturday and Sunday too for that matter, you really should choose a time during the year and high-tail it to the closest beach. Scientific evidence shows us why you should never skip the beach. It relieves stress in many different ways and we all know we could use a little bit of R&R right about now.

The Beach Elevates Mood

Things at the beach naturally release “feel good” hormones and improve your mood. From the soft sand, which can be a stimulus to relax, to the blue of the water, which has been shown to have a calming effect on people. The physical environment puts our brain at ease, and is one reason why you should never skip the beach.

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The Beach Creates Calm

According to Wallace J. Nichols, a marine biologist and author of Blue Mind, water puts our brains at rest. Every day we are bombarded with all types of stimulus, but being in water traps out those others stimuli including muffling sounds and being visually simple. For example, looking out onto the ocean is a lot less busy than the scenery while walking down a city street. The brain is literally less stimulated while you sit toes in the sand looking out onto the waves.

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The Beach Promotes Mindfulness

While it can be pretty difficult to stay mindful or “in the moment” while at the office or driving in traffic or anything else that accompanies our day to day lives, laying on a beach is less distracting, mood elevating, and can create an environment that is easier to be mindful in. It makes it easier to focus on what is going on around you in that moment, right now. Instead of thinking or worrying about the work you are missing, or the to-do list that needs to get done. A myriad of scientific evidence has found that this mindful state to reduce stress levels, improve conditions such as anxiety and depression, and promote better sleep quality. Now that, sounds like a great reason why you should never skip the beach.


Article written by GUADS staff member Calle with contributions from Huffington Post and Sun Sentinel. 

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