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Spin Me Round and Round

What’s all the craze about indoor cycling?  Revolutionizing the art of a bicycle by placing it indoors is a recent exercise choice by many across the country. Studios are popping up all over the country that are solely dedicated for making spin your workout of choice. So, what makes it so enticing? Well of course the setting plays a huge …

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I’m With The Bands

Once upon a time, I thought that resistance bands were only for seventy year old women in their pilates classes. I would roll my eyes at the thought of using them for strength work. However, after doing some research and trying them out myself, I had a change of heart. Turns out, resistance bands can give you a killer workout. Benefits of …

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Your Go-To Fitness Cheat Sheet (Volume 2)

In our previous article (“Your Go-To Fitness Cheat Sheet Volume 1), we discussed various questions that may arise while on your fitness journey (if you haven’t read it yet, you find it here). In volume 2, we’re going to dive a little deeper. Ready? Lets go! “When I go to the gym, should I do cardio first or weight training first?” …

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How to Make the Most out of Rest Days

There is a saying, “It’s not how hard you train, but how well you recover.” Your muscles need time to recover from lifting in order to become stronger and larger. Incorporating one to two off days in your workout schedule is essential for muscle growth and repair, in addition to other health benefits such as a stronger immune system and …

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Using the Buddy System

workout buddy

Do you lack motivation to workout? Are you afraid or dislike going to the gym alone?  Or do you want someone to challenge you and help push you? Have you thought about finding yourself a workout buddy? If you have not thought about having a training partner, let me tell you, it is the best thing I have done to …

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The Study Break Workout

What does desk work, studying, writing research papers, and doing projects all have in common? They all involve us sitting on our bottoms for endless hours, not moving, and getting finger cramps. Some days it just feels as if you have so much work to do you don’t have time to breathe, let alone have time to get a workout …

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Your Go-To Fitness Cheat Sheet (Volume 1)

Ever feel inundated with health and fitness advice? You might hear, “Eat this to lose weight!” or “Do this exercise to grow your biceps!” and “Stay away from this food”. For someone just beginning their fitness journey, all of the information can get a tad overwhelming. At times, it can also get confusing. One source says that coconut oil is …

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8 Ways to Burn Calories While Having Fun

Summer’s officially here, and you know, getting fit doesn’t have to be a painful experience, right? In fact, there are a lot of forms of exercise that can be an absolute blast to do. Don’t believe me? Here are 8 ways to burn calories while having fun. But whatever you choose to do, do it on a regular basis and …

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Hate Working Out, Check Out These Tips!

Are you someone that cringes at the idea of working out? Someone that thinks of going for a run, or going to the gym as punishment. There are even some people that claim to be allergic to exercise. Physical activity is a necessity when it comes to the prevention of many chronic diseases, and increasing/controlling overall health. Check out some …

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Heart your Health

Whenever I think of the month of February, I think of freezing weather, chocolate, and those little candy hearts. It is the month of Valentine’s Day after all! But did you know that February is also American Heart Health month? The CDC reports that heart disease is the leading cause of death among Americans. However, it is also one of …

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