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Male Guide to Female Communication

The basic way to have a successful relationship with anyone is communication. It is the foundation of any friendship and relationship. But let’s face it, when it comes to the opposite sex, we have NO idea how to communicate (most times).  Why should our relationships suffer just because we can’t seem to get on the same page? It shouldn’t! Listen up fellas! I am going to provide for you a male guide to female communication. Like the inside scoop. So pay attention!  Here are my tips for men to try in order to hear and be heard in their relationship.

Tip 1: Men be an active listener

Participate in the conversation! Ask questions! Let her tell you what she has on her mind because she is telling you for reason. With that being said, being patient while listening is key to having a successful outcome to your conversation. While you are being patient you need to focus on not just what she is telling you, but her gestures as well. Active listening is not just being attentive, but it is also watching her body language as well as looking into her eyes. I know that you may want to control the conversation, but sometimes all we want is someone to listen and give us some feedback when we’re done rambling on.

Tip 2: Ask her how her day was

Hellooooo we have long days too. Most women want to immediately call or talk to you face-to-face when we get home so we can talk about our day. It makes us feel really good when you ask us just how we are or how our day was. Those maybe 20 minutes that we ask of your time that you devote to your woman could really benefit you in the long run (CATCH MY DRIFT HERE).

Tip 3: Know how and what to say

Often when a woman tells you her problem she plans on organizing her thoughts as she is speaking to you. Most times when we speak the words just end up spilling out like those extra gumballs you end up receiving from a candy machine. When we talk about something we are not always looking for a solution, but we just want someone to understand what we are feeling. LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN. And make eye contact. Don’t be paying attention to the TV.

Tip 4: Women are not direct (sometimes)

When I say that women are not direct I am not saying that men are more honest than women. What I mean is that men like to get straight to the point every single time. Women do not like to be rushed. We are unable to think of things to say on the spot, but apparently you are able to conjure up words out of thin air. We think long and hard about our conversations. So be patient and don’t try to rush the conversation.

Tip 5: When women want to talk she is telling you that she wants to become closer

Women love to talk. When a woman says that she wants to talk to you that does not mean that something is wrong. Women just want to talk and become closer. We like to dig deeper into our relationships instead of always talking about the surface level questions. If a woman wants to talk to you, then you should take that as a compliment because she is letting you inside of her thoughts.

Tip 6: Even after you say, “I love you” we are still going to be cheesy

When you tell a woman those three words it is like nothing else matters in that moment. The world stops (and most times are hearts do for a few moments). BUT, aside from saying the magic words, we still want you to tell us how you feel. We like to know your thoughts and the way that you are feeling. This isn’t to embarrass you or making things all mushy, it’s just to get to know you on a deeper level.


Article written by GUADS staff member, Chelsea with help from the Odyssey

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