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Make the Most of Your Summer

You did it! You finished another year. Summer is here! Summer is here! Right now you’re on top of the world with your entire summer ahead of you. Which means warm weather, long days, BBQs, holidays, whatever it is you do, you name it. BUT, not making productive use of this time will eventually lead you to feel painfully bored. So, make the most of your summer! Here’s how:

Rest and Relaxation

TAKE A BREAK! Turn your brain off (of school-related things). Read a book, paint, watch TV, go for a stroll, whatever it is that gets you all chilled out – make time for it. Lots of time for it. You earned it.


Travel often. Again, this doesn’t need to be a grandiose trip to Europe or a cross-country trek like I made, but get in your car and go! Set a destination or don’t! With affordable housing options from Airbnb, you can make that short (driveable) trip to whereever your heart desires!


Whether on a part-time or full-time basis, consider getting yourself a job for the summer. Do something you normally wouldn’t! Try new things! See what you like.


Help others! It doesn’t need to be a quest overseas to a third world country.. Volunteer at your local food bank, church organization or even call gradma up and see if she has any chores around the house that could be done that she can’t do.

Study (okay, this may be a strecth)

Take a peak at next year’s modules and textbooks. By the time uni comes around again you’ll be ahead of the pack and impressing your tutors and lecturers no end.

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Article written by GUADS staff member, Chelsea

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