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Looking Back At The Year 2017

New year, new me? What about new year better me. Let’s start 2018 off right and with some reflection questions looking back to plan ahead. Prepare for the amazing year ahead of you by looking at some of these reflection questions.

Looking Back At 2017

What Went Well

Increase your wellbeing and fuel up, giving yourself internal resources to want to attack future challenges by asking yourself what went well in 2017. Remember no success is to small to celebrate and bring forward into the new year.

What Surprised You

Take time to look at the surprises of the past year, and how you responded to them. Now, look at your ability to adapt to the unexpected that came up during the year. Opportunities are more seized by those who are nimble and quick, while those certain on the same way of doing things tend to be more stressed out and side-lined.

What Did 2017 Teach You

If you use your experiences well, the can all teach lessons. Look at core internal skills like skills related to self awareness, trust, adaptability, resourcefulness, resilience. How did you grow, and what insights, knowledge, and skills were gained or reinforced?

What Are You Noticing Or Even Having Hunches About

Change can come out of the blue, but it can be hints or early signs. Think about 2017 and your world of work or life in general. What were some signs of changes that need to be made, where opportunities might come from, or what you are ignoring that can be putting you at risk.

What Needs To Be Left Behind

Now that 2017 has come to an end it is now time for you to think about what is no longer working and, what might be holding you back. Is it time to close some doors, and shift your energy into areas of new opportunities? Get rid of old ideas, poor habits, and self-limiting behaviors.

Wrap Up Your Year With A Name That Fits

Consider the stand-out experiences and lessons of this past year and name it by completing this phrase: “2017 was the year of ________ .

Look forward to the article “Looking Ahead to 2018”


Article written by GUADS member Breanna, with contributions from bigcheesecoaching.com

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