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Living on a budget

Are you a student on a budget?  Don’t worry, most students around the world are living on a budget.


There are ways in which you can be smarter when it comes to spending money.  The key to financial success is being aware of how you’re spending your money.  You want to stretch your dollar further while using these tips!


  1. Never go grocery shopping when you are hungry
  2. Limit the amount of times you eat out
  3. Buy groceries in bulk
  4. If you have a credit card, set a limit
  5. Shop where they offer student discounts
  6. Take advantage of free on campus activities
  7. Avoid buying brand names and go generic
  8. Get rid of cable
  9. If you must drink… buy the cheap stuff
  10. Sell your old text books
  11. Drink water
  12. Sell your old clothes
  13. Make your own coffee
  14. Live with others to split rent and utilities
  15. Skip Spring break
  16. Use free music sites like Spotify or Pandora
  17. Look for e-books
  18. Coupon!
  19. Get a change jar
  20. Meal prep
  21. Snack smart – pack snacks instead of impulse buying
  22. Carpool or take the bus
  23. Work while in school


If you’re doing some of these and want a plan to start saving, try the 10$ a week plan.  There is 52 weeks in a year, so If you can save 10$ every week, that’s $520 a year saved!  If you want to increase the rate, increase the amount saved each week.  $20 a week for a whole year turns into a nice chunk of change around $1040.

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