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How to Stay Fit While Traveling

I love traveling and exploring places I’ve never seen before, but sometimes I can’t help but to have some thoughts about “How am I going to keep active during my vacation?” I also love being active, but there’s no reason why I can’t enjoy doing both at the same time! Don’t fret about the fitness progress you’re making while you’re away from a gym. Here are some things you can do anywhere if you’re away from your normal routine.

Sneak it in!

Many people underestimate how small changes can count as some activity. The little things I always keep in mind are to take the stairs instead of an elevator/escalator, parking my car in the back of a parking lot, and going for little walks if I have idle time, like while on a phone call or even doing some push ups or squats while watching TV. Also, try to walk wherever you can. It may be tempting to get an Uber to save time, but getting in the extra bit of exercise can save you the need for a workout later.

Check out the Community

The locals have to stay fit too and there’s sure to be things to do that don’t include joining a gym for a week. Try seeing if there’s any places to hike (many are free!). Hiking can build up to be a great workout, while you get to enjoy some outdoors. If you’re in a city setting, there are many places that have bike rentals for the day, which is a fun way to explore a new place. Or if you’re near a beach, many offer water sports, such as kayak or paddle board rentals. If you’re looking for a fun night life activity, there’s sure to be a restaurant that has dancing!

Online Workouts

Usually on my vacation days, there’s a day or two that are slower and more restful. On those days, I like to search for workout videos that don’t need any equipment. My favorite are HIIT because there are tons of different moves you can do using your own body weight. Plus they get your heart rate up quick in a short amount of time, which makes it an effective workout for me. If you’re in a tight space like an apartment and you want to be considerate of the people below you, there are even videos you can use when you don’t have a lot of space to work with- like this one.

Wake Up Early

I know it’s not what anyone wants to hear while traveling, but it could make a difference! If you’re not the type to enjoy online workouts, there’s always an opportunity to go for a run surrounding where you’re staying. I find that when I wake up early, I’m less likely to skip a work out because I can just get it out of the way without it daunting on me the whole day. Plus, this can help you feel more energized throughout the day.

I try to be conscious of making some healthy choices while I’m away, but also allow myself to experience the culture and not get caught up in the stress of a set amount of physical activity. Wherever you’re traveling to, make sure to enjoy the time you’re there and not worry too much about fitness-the gym will always be there when you get back home.

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