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Stop Holding Back and Start Being You

All of us do it, but maybe we don’t ever really even know it. It’s the classic “I can’t” dressed up in all different phrases that really just mean, I am afraid. It’s all the things we say when we are holding back. News flash, life is scary. Really, really scary. I know more people than not who make up reasons to not go after what they really truly want, or who refuse to try something new just because well, it’s scary. Change, failure, disappointment, rejection… these are just a few things that come to mind. The things that keep people away from happiness and instead keep us sitting in the land of complacency.

So what excuse is holding you back? Susie Moore,  life coach with Greatist has determined 5 common excuses people use that are holding them back from their dreams, goals, aspirations, and true happiness. That next step you take in life may be the best part of your life, and you will never know if you keep using these excuses. As you read, think about how many times in your life you have said one of these phrases, and what you were holding back from.

1. “I’m not ready”

2. “I’m not good enough”

3. “But you need…”

4. “I’ll do that when…”

5. “Yeah but…”

Bottom line is, there isn’t a magical moment where you will finally be ready. It’s normal to feel as though you are inadequate (although most of the time your feeling is also totally inaccurate). Change of any kind can be uncomfortable, even if it is good change and something you want to do. You just have to decide that you want it, and go out and get it. You have to give it all you’ve got.

Decide today that of all the things holding you back, the little voice in your head won’t be one of them.

Article written by GUADS staff member Chelsea with contributions from Greatist.

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