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Feel the Burn: Elliptical HIIT Workout

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. This method combines high intensity exercises immediately followed by low intensity exercises or a short rest period, then repeat. A session can last anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes.

I’m a fan of HIIT mainly for its efficiency. I’m not a huge cardio person so anytime I can cut corners on cardio time without compromising the health benefits, I’m game. HIIT burns fat, in fact it continues to burn fat even 24 hours after your workout has completed. It also boosts your metabolism and since it is high intensity, it is a great way to improve your VO2max.

You can complete a HIIT workout in all sort of ways. On a rainy, dreary day I’m a fan of hopping on the elliptical to get a great HIIT routine in.

Here is my favorite Elliptical HIIT workout:

Time Resistance
0-5 MIN 8
6-7 MIN 14
7-9 MIN 12
9-10 MIN 14
10-11 MIN 12
11-12 MIN 14
12-13 MIN 15
13-15 MIN 12
15-16 MIN 15
16-18 MIN 12
18-19 MIN 14
19-20 MIN 10


Article written by GUADS staff member, Jennie.


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