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Happy Healthy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, the day to give thanks and the day to feast! What would holidays be without a extreme focus on food? Even though it is a time for celebration, that doesn’t mean you need to throw your focus and goals out the window. Here are some tips that can keep you focused and enjoy while still having a happy healthy holiday!

  1. Stay Active

    • Thanksgiving might mean a couple days off, so now is the time to put them to use. Work and other responsibilities can come in the way of you taking care of yourself. If you know you have a couple days off plan ahead and see what time you have to get to the gym, or get a workout in right at home. If you have young children in the family, run around with them for some time. There might even be events in your area that are both celebrating the holiday, and being active at the same time. Calories in vs calories out, rev up your metabolism with a workout and get ready for the holiday.
  2. Be Smart

    • Moderation is key, and Thanksgiving doesn’t mean you have to let yourself go. This doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself either. Fill up on the healthier options first, so the proteins and veggies. Then leave room on your plate for about a tablespoon of the favorites like mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, and stuffing. Don’t think too much, and just continue to remind yourself of your goals.
  3. Don’t Skip Other Meals

    • To prepare for a feast later in the day some of us might skip meals throughout the day to save calories. Remember your metabolism is at it’s highest in the morning, and breakfast will help to boost it and manage your hunger throughout the day. Skipping meals will also cause your body to store rather than burn all those calories entering your body. Portion throughout the day, eat enough but not too much.
  4. Stay Hydrated

    • Sometimes thirst is mistaken for hunger, so fill up on water. Socializing can also cause unconscious eating. Keeping a drink in your hand (zero calorie drink) can help to prevent this. If you do snack, then snack on the healthier items and eat more with less calories. Bring a veggie plate to the event so there is no excuse for not having an option of a healthy snack.
  5. Start The Day With Positivity

    • If you have goals to reach whether strength, muscle building, weight loss, or management of a health factor remind yourself of them. Say it in the morning to help you remain focused throughout the day.
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Try some of these tips this holiday, and enjoy!


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