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Gratitude Journaling

The New Year is just around the corner. It’s time to reflect upon the previous year and look forward to the new adventures that lie ahead of us. It’s also a time to express gratitude and thanks. Those who practice gratitude are happier and are less prone to depression. That’s why writing down what you are thankful for is so beneficial. It allows you to organize your thoughts. It allows you to slow down and appreciate the good in your life. Practicing gratitude has benefits such as improved physical health, improved psychological help, better sleep, and higher self-esteem. Make gratitude journaling a must as you ring in the New Year.

1. Make a List of What You’re Thankful For

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Choose one item on the list and write about it in further detail. Think about each item on your list as a gift.

2. Write About Someone You Are Grateful For

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Write about why you’re so thankful for this person. How did they come into your life? How do they make your life better? Bonus points: let this person know how you feel!

3. Say Thank You

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Send out thank-you cards for each gift you’ve received this holiday season. Let the gift giver know how grateful you are!

4. Write Down the Accomplishments You Are Thankful For

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Did you get a promotion this year? Run your first 5K? Write it down! Express gratitude for life’s smallest gifts.

5. Start a Ritual

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Make it a habit to count your blessing every night. Express gratitude for the connections you made, the laughs you had, and the food you ate. Write it all down in your journal and read over it several times before going to sleep.


Written by GUADS staff member with contributions from yogajournal.com and forbes.com

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