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Get More Done By Doing Less

Do you ever feel as though you are working 24/7, even when you are not physically in the office? Maybe you don’t even realize that you are falling victim to work addiction. It used to be that the working people of the world could show up to their place of employment, get through the day, and then leave and go home, and I mean really leave. Now, its like we are constantly at work even when we are miles away. We have our best friends (our phones) in our pockets with texting, email, video chatting, all at arms reach. This has translated to your griping boss or lost puppy assistant also constantly being at arms reach. As fun as that sounds, its no surprise that job satisfaction seems to be declining. We are burnt out people! Self care gets puts aside, relationships suffer, and work is no longer something that happens between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm. Work is always sitting next to you when the next e-mail comes in or the frantic phone call when the newbie can’t figure out how to work the copier (yes, it happens). What if I told you that you could actually be more productive at work, impress your boss and get that raise, and be happier at home? Well, it’s real people. Just follow these steps to get more done by doing less.

Get More Done by Disconnecting

Unplug, turn off, whatever you want to call it just please get off the phone! Start small, choose an hour one day where you literally, turn off your cell phone. Yes, I said turn it off. At first it might be stressful, but eventually you will crave this seriously alone time. At the very least, make a rule where work emails and calls cannot be taken for one hour a day. Make it during dinner with the family, while you work out at the gym, any time you choose. You will be surprised at how rejuvenating this can be!

Get More Done by Dropping the Guilt

Oftentimes we can feel that if we are not working, we are not doing the best that we can. Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret. Studies show that taking short breaks through out the day and letting your mind rest, you are actually much more productive during the times that you are working. It may feel like you are doing less, but you will get more done! Not only that, you can take those 10 minute breaks to walk around the building or to get outside and you can improve your physical health while you are at it! Two birds with one stone ladies and gentleman.

Get More Done by saying NO

Okay, so we probably aren’t all at the liberty of telling our boss no thanks, I think I will pass on that project. What we can do though, is delegate tasks to those around us and work in teams. Working together with others not only splits up the responsibilities but it adds a sense of social support that can help the project feel less stressful. No one person can take on everything themselves. Share some responsibility. You will give others opportunities to use their skills and strengths, and probably will end up with a much better outcome than if you had superman’d it all on your own. The best part? You won’t be swamped with work and you will still get it all (if not more) done!

Article written by GUADS staff member Calle with contributions from Greatist and Forbes 

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