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Do You Even Stretch Bro?

Do you even stretch bro? Probably not, or if you do not nearly as much as you should. Stretching and mobility work is just as important as every other part of your workout. But if you are like most guys and me then you probably are not doing it enough. Stretching and mobility work helps you stay healthy for your workouts, recover faster, and will really help you for long term physical health.

Now I am not just talking about yoga. Although yoga is great. I do it when I can but stretching and mobility is something you can do anytime during the day for 5 or more minutes. It does not have to be a big thing. I personally like to take 15 or 20 minutes at the end of the day to stretch and roll out. It really helps my muscles recover from a long day.

When it comes time to mobility and stretch bro make sure to do it right. When it comes to stretching the ones you learned in high school work fine. If you want to learn some other stretches the easiest way is to just type the muscle and the word stretch into google and it will give you a whole list. Make sure to hold the stretch for a solid 30 seconds or more as this has been found to be the effective amount to really help. Stretch all over, do not just focus on the sore muscles, help everything out. When it comes to rolling out or mobility, make sure to roll over the muscles for at least 30 seconds as well to really get the work in.

Regardless of what you do fitness wise always try to get a nice little stretch in. It can be something as simple as doing it during commercials when you are watching tv at night. It can be real easy. Just remember. Do you even stretch bro?

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