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Do You Even Fashion Bro?

Do you even have gym fashion bro? I was having a conversation about gym fashion and was thinking how I used to never wear mid calf socks and joggers but now I cannot imagine myself not wearing them. It is actually crazy for me to think about how my gym fashion has changed since I started working out. And I am almost positive that we all think about it one way or another.

This conversation got me thinking about overall gym fashion and how people get judged at the gym for what they are wearing good and bad. The newest gym fashion out there and that is hear to stay is all the tech materials. I know I personally hate working out in a cotton tee. I need the sweat-wicking material and cannot imagine life without it. A similar trend is the men wearing spandex. I also wear spandex when I workout because it feels more comfortable but I am talking about when men just wear spandex leggings. I am never really sure how I feel about it but you know what, whatever makes you happy.

The biggest issue I have with bringing fashion into the gym is that fact that you cannot just wear what you want anymore. Back in the day you could wear whatever you wanted to the gym as long as you did the work. Now it has become a whole industry in its own right with tons of marketing and style toward gym apparel called athleisure. I am ok with this trend as I love being able to wear sweatpants in daily life and still look good. But what I am not ok with and what we need to stop doing is really caring what people wear to the gym whatever it is. As long as they are working out their fashion choices should be non of our concern. So I will ask you one last time, do you even gym fashion bro?

By GUADS Staff Aston

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