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Do You Even Do Abs Bro?

Abs bro! You cannot scroll through your instagram feed anymore, turn on the tv, or watch a movie without seeing dudes with 6 or even 8 pack abs that look so hard you could chip a tooth on them. We are ingrained to want abs now. How many of you end most days in the gym with some form of crunches or other random abs exercise? I know I used to until I discovered how to actually do abs bro. Plus I am going to be honest with you 6 pack abs are not that important when it comes to working out and looking good on the beach. Side note 6 pack abs only get shown during a brief 4ish month window from May-September if you are lucky. The rest of the time no one can tell what your stomach looks like.

So let me tell you how to actually abs bro. First, abs get worked pretty much whenever you workout. Mainly due to the stabilization that happens when you workout and lift. Not to say that you shouldn’t do specific targeted exercises. Second, just like any other muscle group you shouldn’t be doing abs everyday. They need time to rest, recover, and grow just like your biceps. When it comes to abs it is also more important that you work on stabilization as opposed to crunches. Planks and other static holds are the best way to work your abs and have it translate into performance. Have you ever noticed that sometimes the best athletes do not have rippling six packs like you see in pictures. But they have a nice overall stomach. That is because they focus on function not aesthetics. The best way to do this is through planks and static holds as I said above. It is not all about how they look is it about how they perform.

The final piece to the puzzle for a ripped abs bro (which is not always need, see above) is the kitchen.  You can do all the abs you want but if your diet is not there they will never look how you want them. You must eat a healthy well balanced diet without a lot of processed foods to really see your abs. I am not saying going crazy but you do need to be aware of what you eat.

So I will ask you one last time. Do you even abs bro?


By GUADS Staff Aston

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