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Eating Healthy in College: Part 1

I have a confession. It’s not a big confession. And if you know me, you’ll probably roll your eyes. But I love food. I love looking at it, looking it up to look at it some more, tasting it, smelling it (you definitely have to do this before trying new things, otherwise good luck with what you’re eating) and eating it. Basically everything that is food, I will love. Including the BEST PART. What is that you ask?

Eating Healthy in College Banana

GROCERY SHOPPING. If I could do this every day, I would. I feel so accomplished after walking out of the grocery store having all the things I need. The one thing I don’t like?? Budgets. Especially food budgets 🙁 That means I can’t try all 5 different ice creams, but rather they will have to wait another day at the store for me.

Eating Healthy in College

Eating Healthy in College List

This was hard for me; I’m not going to lie. At first I bought a bunch of frozen foods, thinking great! Precooked meals waiting for me! But in reality, the taste of cardboard from a microwave didn’t appeal to me and my college house freezer was not able to fit 5 girls frozen dinners all the time. (We had more “important” things to stick in it). So I had to start buying “fresh” foods. It took some time, and a lot of creativity with some dinners but eating healthy in college budget was as difficult as I thought!

Eating Healthy in College: Tip 1

Eating Healthy in College picture

Buy Those Fruits And Veggies: No I am not your mom. But she was right. People tend to think eating healthy on a small budget is hard. In all honestly, the food you’re buying is going to keep you fuller for longer and keep that waistline in check! For example, I can buy about 13 (yes, specific) bananas and have all that cost under $3! So cheap! That is 13 days’ worth of bananas! Or if you’re like me, they last only about 6 days since bananas are just so dang good, especially with peanut butter. I can’t give them up!

Eating Healthy in College fruits
Fresh assorted vegetables in boxes on farmer’s market

Not all fruits and veggies are going to be that cheap, I realize that. But you’re getting your college degree!! You can look at the prices and compare, I believe in you! Eating in season is my #1 tip though for eating healthy in college and keeps costs low. Check out this article to see if the things you’re buying are naturally available!

Eating Healthy in College frozen
Frozen berry on turquoise background top view

One thing I tend to forget is that while fresh fruits and veggies are delicious, getting them frozen IS EXACTLY THE SAME. Except they’re cold, and you can’t carry them too long without your hand freezing. Seriously though! So many people forget or think that frozen vegetables and fruits somehow lose their nutrition value if they come from the freezer aisle. I’m here to tell you they don’t!  Which is good because:

1) Now you can get whatever fruits and veggies you want all year, not worrying about the season!

Eating Healthy in College  money

2) It is sometimes cheaper to just buy a huge bag of frozen vegetables/fruits that will last you for weeks aka HELLO MORE POCKET $$$$$

3) Those delicious smoothies you keep watering down with ice cubes?? Problem solved! Stick in frozen fruit and watered down smoothies be gone!

4) YOU CAN FREEZE YOUR OWN FRUIT. Do it. It will make you feel great when during the middle of the snow apocalypse we experience over winter you can pull out some frozen strawberries, make yourself a frozen strawberry margarita, and image yourself on an 85 degree beach! I can hear the waves now…

Eating Healthy in College peaches

So if you’re not convinced you can eat healthy on a college budget, all I can say is I gave it my best shot for the fruits and veggies! I can’t convince you to eat your fruits and veggies but I can tell you that it’s possible and exciting to try new things in the produce aisle (nerdy, I know).  Let me know if you have any tips for eating healthy in college!

Article written by GUADS Staff member Kellye

Stay tuned for next week and how to eat healthy in college with protein!

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