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Check Out These Easter Egg Fillers That Aren’t Candy

Easter is approaching quickly, and we all know what that means…candy. We always jump on Halloween for being the candy holiday, but Easter can be pretty guilty itself. The age old tale that the “secret Easter bunny comes by and drops his eggs”, that are always filled to the brim with sugary treats. Has anyone else ever wondered why a bunny brings eggs…? Thats a whole different discussion. Today, I wanted to pass along some great ideas for filling Easter eggs that may not send your kids into a sugar comatose, but will still put a smile on their face. Can anyone guess the number one Easter egg filler that isn’t candy?

That’s right, Money.

No child ever complained about some good cold hard cash. I know that when I was a kid, the Easter bunny was giving out silver and gold eggs and those were the real prized eggs to look for. Shiny egg? Meant there was some dollar bills inside, Ca-Ching!


Baked Cheese Crackers

Most kids love a good cheese cracker, and they are a snack option that is a little bit lower in sugar than M&Ms. Auntie Anne’s brand even has bunny shaped crackers, s’cute!

Barrettes, Hair Ties, and Lip Gloss

For the little girls, little “beauty” accessories are always a fun prize. Things like little colorful hair ties and tasty lip gloss are sure to get some smiles.


Or a strawberry, or any other fruit that does not need to be cut in order to eat it. Save the grapes if you have really little guys, or if you won’t be able to keep the eggs refrigerated until right before the hunt.


What child under the age of 10 doesn’t just love stickers? Rip off a small section of stickers and place them inside the eggs, you could then hide a sticker book in their basket for them to play with later!


Play dough can be found in little mini containers and what a great prize to find! Instead of chomping down on candy all afternoon, they will have something to entertain them!

Army Men & Hot Wheels Cars & Legos

For the little guys, army men and miniature cars make a great Easter egg filler! Candy is usually pretty high on the little guy’s list I am sure, but a new toy car? Now that is the life.

Tickets with Future Prizes

Now this one might be my favorite. Take small tickets or pieces of paper and give your child some of your free time. Write things like, a trip to the movies, or a game of putt-putt with dad. Your child can turn the tickets in anytime they want to get some of your time and attention. Pretty great right?

Have some other great ideas for another Easter egg filler that isn’t candy? Comment and let us know!

Article written by GUADS staff member Calle with contributions from andreasnotebook.comĀ 

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