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Change Things Up: Ditch Your To-do List

Okay don’t get me wrong, lists are great.

Maybe don’t ditch your to-do list altogether. If you are anything like me, you would forget to brush your hair if you didn’t put it on the list. But, in this crazy world where being busy equates to being successful, and everyone always has to know their next 5 moves, I am suggesting you put down the to-do list for a minute and make a different kind of list. I know, crossing off each item can be pretty satisfying (sometimes I write things I have already done, just so I can cross them off). If you are struggling seeing the big picture or the reward from all that busy-ness, I suggest at the end of each week writing down an accomplishment list.

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Ditch your to-do list and write down your accomplishments each week

This puts into perspective all the things you got done! That’s right, sit down, take 15 minutes, and write down all the little (or big) things you accomplished this week.  Otherwise, it can be hard to remember everything you did, and leave you with that wonderful cross off one item to add three more feeling. No one likes that feeling.

An accomplishment list is like your little pat on the back to yourself, self, look at you go

The thing about the accomplishment list though is you want the list to be nice and long, and trust me it will be, you do a lot! Some people have also found that making accomplishment lists helps them to be more productive by seeing some of the bigger accomplishments like, paying off a credit card bill. All the little things you do each day are usually working towards an ultimate larger goal or accomplishment of some kind, a promotion for example.

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It can be easy to lose sight of all the amazing things you do. It’s time to acknowledge how great you really are (YGG!), all while keeping yourself motivated to do more. An accomplishment list does just that.

Article written by GUADS staff member Calle. With contributions from A Life of Productivity

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