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Hitting That Afternoon Slump? This Short Yoga Sequence Will Fill You With Energy

The final push of winter can feel like one of the most agonizing times of the year for many of us. The cold weather kicks in, the days get shorter, anxiety increases, and energy starts to tank. We burn out near the end of winter, finding ourselves completely exhausted. We need to reset. In those moments where you feel particularly …

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Have You Tried Grounding Techniques To Calm Down?


Grounding is a technique that helps keep someone in the present. They help reorient a person to the here-and-now and in reality. Grounding skills can be helpful in managing overwhelming feelings or intense anxiety. They help someone to regain their mental focus from an often intensely emotional state. Grounding skills occur within two specific approaches: sensory awareness and cognitive awareness. …

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How To Calm Down…Even If You’re Absolutely, Totally Nuts

how to calm down

Okay, so I stole this article title from a pretty great little self-help book. The book is written by author Fred L. Miller and is a short 100 page how-to book about well, how to calm down even if you’re absolutely, totally nuts. The thing I like about this book and why I am recommending it to GUADS readers is …

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Stressed Out? Try a Staycation

Spring break is approaching and if you are a poor college student like myself, traveling  to a tropical resort isn’t really in the budget. GOOD NEWS: tropical beaches aren’t your only vacation option. Instead, try planning a low-budget staycation and unwind within (or just outside) your own four walls. Staycation: A vacation that is spent at one’s home enjoying all …

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A friend causing you angst? Try this compassion mediation.


Relationship conflicts can cause added stress in our lives. If you’re looking to take matters into your own hands, compassion may be the way to go. Compassion is a mental attitude based on the wish for others to be free of their suffering. Having empathy or the ability to place yourself in another person’s shoes, is the foundation for compassion …

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Feeling Crappy? Turn on Some Music

Music is something magical. It’s a band aid for all of life’s emotional wounds and an outlet to express the pent up emotions felt inside. The best part? There is something for everyone. If you like upbeat and poppy, there’s Taylor Swift, Arianna Grande, Justin Beiber. If you’re into rap, there’s Jay-Z, Eminem, 2Chainz, Biggie, Tupac…the list could go forever. …

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Why You Should Never Skip The Beach…It’s Science

It’s March, which means that it is spring break time. For students, spring break is a given and if you are lucky, you might get to take advantage of this time off and travel to one of the world’s beautiful beaches. For the rest of us, we may not be so lucky to be given automatic time off from work …

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Get More Done By Doing Less

Get More Done

Do you ever feel as though you are working 24/7, even when you are not physically in the office? Maybe you don’t even realize that you are falling victim to work addiction. It used to be that the working people of the world could show up to their place of employment, get through the day, and then leave and go home, …

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Pet Stores, The Secret Way To Destress

Who does not love puppies, kittens, and all types of cute animals? No one that is who. Pet stores have all of these in one place. Many times you can just show up and ask to play with the animals for a while. It is amazing just show up with a few friends and play with the animals to destress. …

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Increase Your Workday Wellness With These Simple Tips

workday wellness

We all have the best intentions of staying healthy throughout the work week. Then life happens and suddenly you’re stressed out trying to keep up with paperwork, attend 5 meetings a day, and answer endless emails. This is extremely common for many Americans. A survey conducted by the American Psychological Association found that the two most common stressors in the …

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