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11 Things Men Shouldn’t Wear This Summer

  We get it. Dressing well during the summer is difficult. With the sweltering heat and humidity, putting on a pair of pants and a button-down seems like unnecessary torture. However, summer weather isn’t an excuse to schlep around in whatever dregs of clothing have been hibernating at the bottom of your drawers for the past six months. Here’s looking …

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67,000 Burpees – Brilliant, or just insane?

For anyone all-too-familiar with bodyweight routines, most worth their salt will incorporate the blood-curdling burpee for the ultimate fat-burn. While the two-syllable move is enough to strike fear into most earnest gym goers and HIIT junkies, it seems that there’s some of us who simply can’t get enough of this body-burner. One of whom is Craig Peters, a father-of-three who has …

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The 5 Best Watches Under $500

Every guy—from high school grads to aspiring CEOs—should own a watch. And it’s never too late to buy your first. Luckily, you won’t have to drop a whole paycheck to find one worthy of your wrist. Most beginners go for an understated quartz (battery-powered) model, while more die-hard collectors go right for the automatic (self-winding) kind. The key is to …

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Pick a Pre-Work Out That’s Worth it

You’re standing in an aisle with shelves and shelves of pre-work out supplements and mixes that are covered in slick marketing, making you uncertain of where to start. You finally find your way over to choose the container with the most promises but then turn it over to read the ingredients and become filled with skepticism because you’re not exactly …

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Memorial Day Workout: Murph


The three day weekend at the end of May is not just for barbecues and time at the beach with family and friends. It’s a National holiday to recognize the men and women who have served and paid the ultimate price of sacrificing their lives for our country. The “Murph” is a workout used by Navy SEAL, Medal of Honor …

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Suns Out Guns Out: Workout Outside

workout outside

If you live on the east coast like me you know we have been experiencing some weird weather this past week. But good news this week things are finally looking up with warm weather and the sun finally coming out again. With the sun out and summer coming it is time to start to workout outside, or as I like …

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Skip Delivery, Try These Homemade Pizza Recipes Instead

homemade pizza

Are you one of those people that craves pizza on a daily basis? Yeah me too. I could eat pizza multiple times a week. However, takeout pizza is not the healthiest. If you’re looking for a post-workout meal or to impress your next date with your (awesome) cooking skills, give these homemade pizza recipes a try. The Classic Makes 4-6 …

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Male Guide to Female Communication

The basic way to have a successful relationship with anyone is communication. It is the foundation of any friendship and relationship. But let’s face it, when it comes to the opposite sex, we have NO idea how to communicate (most times).  Why should our relationships suffer just because we can’t seem to get on the same page? It shouldn’t! Listen …

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The Only Supplements You Really Need

If you hop on instagram, facebook, or go to any fitness site you are going to see advertisements and testimonials for the new hottest supplements out there that are guaranteed to get you a six pack while increasing your bench press by 100 lbs. I see it every day in the gym as well. Guys taking pills, powders, and what …

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Virtual Reality and Fitness

virtual reality

Fitness has progressed so much in the last decade from workout DVDs and jazzercise to cycle and yoga studios to boot camps and CrossFit boxes and now to the future of virtual reality. Yes, you read that correctly, virtual reality (VR). It is now being used in the fitness industry to be a tool and source of inspiration to get …

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