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It’s Almost Grilling Season

Grilling has developed a bit of a reputation with all of the new research about carcinogens. This doesn’t mean you have to ban grilled food forever. Following our tips, you can minimize your risk and enjoy grilled foods that are flavorful and safe. Tip 1: Marinate Your Meat Marinating meat helps to reduce carcinogens. Kansas State University researchers marinated steaks in …

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THE 2017 ROCK HARD CHALLENGE For newbies to the Rock Hard Challenge, the premise is simple—we provide training and nutritional road maps that allow you to transform your body in eight weeks. While the concept is easy to grasp, the execution requires self-motivation and the desire to bust your ass in the gym and stick to a clean diet. (Read: …

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Do You Even Relax Bro?

relax bro

Do you even relax bro? I know this sounds like a simple question but it is one that we as men rarely ask ourselves. Mental health is an important part of total health but often overlooked by many of us. Sayings like man up and the like perpetuate this stereotype of men ignoring their mental health and just bottling it …

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Q&A: Most Common Gym Injuries (& How To Prevent Them)

gym injuries

No matter what fitness goals you set out to achieve, getting hurt is not one of them. Gym injuries from any time of workout can be common especially when it comes to weight lifting and strength training. A 20 year study looking at weight training injury trends found that gym injuries have increased by 35%  in recent years. Yikes. The key …

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Fitness Is Coming: Game of Thrones Workout

For those of you anxiously waiting… HBO finally announced the Game of Thrones Season 7 premiere date & we have to wait til the warm summer months (July 16th) for winter to come. In the mean time, here are some GOT-inspired workouts to get you ready for the next season. Game of Thrones-Inspired Workout to Get You Ready for Season 7 …

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Do You Even IIFYM Bro?

With the next installment in the do you even series I look at a type of eating. So do you even IIFYM bro? What is this random acronym? It stand for if it fits your macro. This is a way of eating that can be used to lose weight, gain weight, or maintain weight. Focusing primarily on the macronutrients which …

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Did I just say the S Word?


Scaled. There I said it. The unfortunately looked down upon and forbidden S word among many of those more competitive athletes. Coach Adrian, from Brute Strength, talked about the importance and explained it the best! He talks about why it’s okay and why you should scale your workouts!  Click here to watch the video. Basically scaling is all about making sure …

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The Skiing Workout: Get Stronger for the Slopes in 15 Minutes

Your ability to make daylong effortless turns, in back-bowl powder or on groomer runs, isn’t about having the latest ski gear (though that certainly helps you look the part). Skiing like a pro, and enjoying an injury-free après ski, depends on how faithfully you follow a strength and conditioning program. The problem is many recreational skiers focus on the latter …

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Do You Even Stretch Bro?

Do you even stretch bro? Probably not, or if you do not nearly as much as you should. Stretching and mobility work is just as important as every other part of your workout. But if you are like most guys and me then you probably are not doing it enough. Stretching and mobility work helps you stay healthy for your …

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How To Become A Better Chef

better chef

Need to cook at home more, but don’t know the first thing about meal prep and proper cooking techniques? You’re not alone. More people in the U.S. eat out than ever before. In fact, Americans reportedly spend more money at bars and restaurants ($54.857 billion) than at the grocery stores ($52.503 billion) for the first time ever. While there are …

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