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A Science-Backed 7-Minute Workout That Hits All the Muscles You Forget About

Don’t get us wrong—we’re all about bodyweight exercises. And quick, high-intensity routines like the scientific 7-minute workout(plus the research that inspired it) prove you can get in a great workout with very little time and equipment. But one issue with relying on body weight as resistance is that it can get a little tricky to work the muscles of your back body—you know, your upper and …

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Kate Hudson is not one of those celebrities who fits in a workout when she can, but prefers to stay in with Netflix and pizza. The woman is passionate about getting her sweat on. Just check out her Instagram: In addition to the celeb-standard images—selfies with famous friends and red-carpet highlights—she has a crazy number of going-for-the-burn pics. And, oh yeah: She runs her own athleisure brand. …

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What is a Chipper? Not Just for Wood Anymore.


A chipper is no longer just an implement for turning pieces of wood into small pieces. The chipper I am talking about is a type of workout that involves a variety of different exercises done in succession usually with a high volume of reps. If you are familiar with crossfit at all the recent open workout was one of these. …

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Switch Up Your Routine & Jump Your Way to Fitness

Looking to burn calories while channeling your inner child? Then you have to check out one of Delaware’s premiere trampoline parks. I ventured into Launch Trampoline Park in Newark, Delaware this weekend for my nephew’s birthday party and let me tell you, after about 10 minutes I was out of breath! And better yet, I was laughing the entire time. …

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Is Your Workout Plan Missing This? Add It Now!

active recovery

Recently I told you all about my new (and killer) workout plan. The plan fits around my schedule and only has me in the gym four days a week, totally doable right? I have been getting stronger and leaner each week, feel like I have much more energy, and feel great that I am consistently doing something healthy for my …

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Hotel Gym Tips For a Good Workout

A hotel gym runs the gauntlet of looks. It can be in some cases phenomenal with everything you could ever want. While other times it has nothing or half of what they have is broken an inoperable. Regardless of how good or bad the hotel gym equipment is there is always a way to get a good workout in. I …

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Newbie Runner?! Boost Your Endurance Fast with These Simple Steps

boost your endurance

Most people have a love/hate relationship with running. People either view it as the only “effective” form of cardio while others wouldn’t even run if someone was chasing them… I am a runner addict. I always have been. However, running isn’t the “easiest” exercise to love. If you haven’t gone out for a jog in a while, it may feel …

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What is your personality type?


Personality is derived from an individual’s characteristics and traits and is also considered a pattern of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors over time. Although every individual has a unique personality, personality can be categorized into five types. Use the acronym OCEAN to help you remember. O is openness to new experiences, for example this person would be described as curious. C …

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Check Out This Trick For An Amazing Back Workout

Back workouts can be tough. They also can often be overlooked, I mean, you can’t see your back! Lifting weights to strengthen your back muscles can be difficult because you can’t physically see the muscles moving and working, and oftentimes your arms and shoulders take over for the muscles you actually want to be working on. Typically when performing back exercises, …

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Ready to Get Swole and Flexy?

So okay the whole Netflix and chill may be dead by now but there’s a new trendy catch phrase in the fitness world now. Essentially it involves a lot of mobility exercises but athletes everywhere are raving about the benefits this program has offered them. So, are you ready to get swole and flexy? What exactly is ROMWOD? ROMWOD stands …

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